Optimising Strategies for Integrating People with Disabilities into Work

German EU Presidency 2007

2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for All

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Optiwork - Decision Support Tool

What is the Decision Support Tool?

The Decision Support Tool is an interactive table summarising all relevant information found as a result of research carried out over the course of the project.  All elements included in the Framework Analysis Tool (WP2), the Employer Threshold Tool (WP4) and the Jobseeker Threshold Tool (WP5)  (e.g. outreach system, corporate social responsibility, financial supports and grants etc;) have information relevant to service users, employers, jobseekers and other stakeholders in other countries of, for example effectiveness of various elements, their accessibility and availability in a particular country and whether or not they represent a facilitator or a barrier in the recruitment of people with disabilities.

Target Audience

The target audience of the Decision Support Tool includes all relevant service users; employer’s interested in recruiting people with disabilities, jobseekers with disabilities looking to enter the labour market, policy makers at a national and EU level and all other relevant stakeholders with an interest in the area of disability and in particular the employment of people with disabilities in the labour market.

About the Data

The data included in the Decision Support Tool relates to information gathered across the 15 countries involved in the project.  The tools used to collect the data (the Framework Analysis Tool WP2, the Employer Threshold Tool WP4 and the Jobseeker Threshold Tool WP5) all took the form of a questionnaire that was administered by each of the National Contact Centres in each of the 15 countries.  The scores gathered as part of the Employer Threshold Tool and the Jobseeker Threshold Tool relate to a sample of 10 employers (5 active and 5 non-active) and 12 jobseekers (6 active and 6 non-actives) respectively in each of the 15 countries.  Various scales were used in both questionnaires with certain elements being highlighted based on both their helpfulness and/or the extent to which elements were perceived to be barriers or facilitators in getting people with disabilities to look for paid employment.

Glossary of Terms

If you have any difficulties understanding any of the terms in the DST please click on the link provided (Glossary). This link will take you to a glossary of terms that will give you a detailed explanation of what the terms means in the context of this project.