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European Journal of Public Health (EUPHA)

The European Journal of Public Health is a multidisciplinary journal in the field of public health, publishing contributions from social medicine, epidemiology, health services research, management, ethics and law, health economics, social sciences and environmental health.

The journal provides a forum for discussion and debate of current international public health issues with a focus on the European region.

Publisher: Oxford University Press

International Social Security Review (ISSR)

First published in 1948, the International Social Security Review is the only international quarterly publication in the field of social security. Articles by leading social security experts around the world present international comparisons and in-depth discussions of topical questions as well as studies of social security systems in different countries, and there is a regular, comprehensive round-up of all the latest publications in its field.

Publisher: Blackwell Publishing

International Journal of Disability, Community & Rehabilitation (IJDCR)

The mandate of the IJDCR is to build the knowledge base of critical enquiry at the intersection of disability, community and rehabilitation, among practitioners, consumers and researchers.

The Journal seeks to present both regional and internationally comparative voices and perspectives from Canada and from Australia.

Publisher: Disability Research Centre on Economic and Social Innovation; Community Rehabilitation & Disability Studies, University of Calgary; along with the Disability Studies Programme, Flinders University of South Australia.

International Journal of Disability, Development and Education (IJDDE)

Founded in 1954, the International Journal of Disability, Development and Education (IJDDE) is a multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal with an international focus. It provides a single source of information on the education and development of persons with disabilities. IJDDE aims to publish the very best research and review articles concerned with all aspects of education, human development, special education and rehabilitation.

Publisher: Routledge

International Journal of Rehabilitation Research (IJRR)

The International Journal of Rehabilitation Research is the official journal of the European Federation for Research in Rehabilitation. It is a quarterly, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary forum for the publication of research into disability and handicap experienced by people of all ages in both developed and developing societies. Areas of interest include rehabilitation programmes for persons with physical, sensory, mental and developmental disabilities; measurement of disability; special education and vocational rehabilitation; equipment, access and transportation; independent living; and consumer, legal, economic and sociopolitical aspects of disability and handicap.

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Journal of European Social Policy (ESP)

The Journal of European Social Policy provides unrivalled coverage of key European social policy issues and developments. It regularly features shorter Research Notes, Book Reviews, review essays, and every issue includes a Digest section which offers an invaluable guide to the latest European legislation and research.

The Journal of European Social Policy is an interdisciplinary forum for research and debate on developments in the European Union, as well as providing invaluable comparative research on all countries in the EU and beyond. Articles range from explanations of policy developments to evaluations of policy outcomes, and include analyses of the role of international organizations, and the voluntary and private sectors in social policy.

The journal provides comprehensive coverage of a wide range of social policy issues, including: ageing, pensions and social security, poverty and social exclusion, education, training and labour market policies, family policies, health and social care services, gender, migration, privatisation, and Europeanisation.

Publisher: Sage Publications

Journal of Disability Policy Studies (JDPS)

The only journal devoted exclusively to disability policy topics and issues. For more than a decade, the Journal of Disability Policy Studies has addressed compelling, variable issues in ethics, policy, and law related to individuals with disabilities

Publisher: Pro-Ed

Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation (JVR)

The Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation will provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of information about the major areas that constitute vocational rehabilitation. Periodically, there will be topics that are directed either to specific themes such as long term care or different disability groups such as those with psychiatric impairment. Often a guest editor who is an expert in the given area will provide leadership on a specific topic issue. However, all articles received directly or submitted for a special issue are welcome for peer review. The emphasis will be on publishing rehabilitation articles that have immediate application for helping rehabilitation counselors, psychologists and other professionals in providing direct services to people with disabilities. Original research articles, review articles, program descriptions, and case studies will be considered for publication. Ideas for special topical issues are welcomed as well.

Publisher: IOS Press

Nordic Labour Journal (NLJ)

The Nordic Labour Journal aims to present a Nordic perspective on working life; the labour market, the working environment, labour law and related issues.

Publisher: Nordic Council

The Milbank Quarterly ()

Published for more than eighty years, the Milbank Quarterly features peer-reviewed original research, policy review, and analysis, as well as commentary from academics, clinicians, and policymakers. Its multidisciplinary approach and commitment to applying the best empirical research to practical policymaking offers in-depth assessments of the social, economic, historical, legal, and ethical dimensions of health and health care policy

Publisher: Blackwell Publishing

The Review of Disability Studies an International Journal (RDS)

In order to address the need for an internationally-focused academic journal in the field of Disability Studies, the Center on Disability Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa is pleased to announce the publication of, “The Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal” (RDS).

The new journal contains research articles, essays, and bibliographies relating to the culture of disability and people with disabilities. It also publishes forums on disability topics brought together by forum editors of international stature. Poetry, short stories, creative essays, photographs, and art work related to disability are also welcome. The journal is published four times a year, and each issue runs approximately 100 pages.

Publisher: University of Hawai‘i at Manoa

Trends in Social Security (TSC)

Trends in Social Security, a quarterly newsletter which is a real "must" for all those who wish to obtain worldwide and regularly updated information about recent changes to social security systems and proposals for reform. The primary source of information for the newsletter is a network of correspondents from social security organizations. Readers are encouraged to contribute any information that might be of interest for publication.

Publisher: International Social Security Association