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Council Resolution: On the Integration of People with Disabilities

By The Council of the European Union

On 15 July 2003 the Council adopted a Resolution on promoting the employment and social integration of people with disabilities. The Resolution calls on Member States and the European Commission to promote greater co-operation with all bodies concerned with people with disabilities at national and European level, including civil society and the full integration and participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of society. In addition Member States and the Commission are encouraged to:
  • continue efforts to remove barriers to the integration and participation of people with disabilities in the labour market;
  • pursue efforts to make lifelong learning more accessible to people with disabilities;
  • remove barriers impeding the participation of people with disabilities in social life;
  • ensure the transposition and implementation of the Directive on establishing a general framework for equal treatment in employment before the agreed deadline;
  • mainstream disability issues when drafting future national action plans relating to social exclusion and poverty;
  • continue the exchange of information and experience at European level and collect statistical material on the situation of people with disabilities;
  • pay due attention to issues of concern to women with disabilities when adopting, designing and evaluating policies for people with disabilities so as to secure equal treatment for women.

In addition, the Resolution calls on the social partners, in the spirit of their Declaration of 20 January 2003, to promote the integration of people with disabilities, in particular on the mainstream labour market, through their actions and their collective agreements at all the relevant levels of social dialogue.

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