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German EU Presidency 2007

2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for All

Diversity at work


Confederaction Estatal de Personas Sordas
National Confederation of Deaf People website dedicated to deaf people who need information and support. Read about the activities organised by this group, find contact information for member organisations and support them in the fight for the recognition of sign language. There is a brief presentation of the organisation in English. - ES

Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales - ES

ONCE Foundation
This Foundation works for the improvement of the conditions of life of blind people for an effective integration in society. It offers services and information on accessibility, European cooperation, promotion of sports, social awareness, news, a directory and more. - ES

Planeta Visual
This website is specially created for deaf people, not only in the content focused on their needs and interests, but also in the layout that makes it easy to use for deaf young people. - ES

Servicio de Informacion Sobre Discapacidad
2003 is the European Year of Disabled People, which doesn’t mean it should be the only year we care about this issue. This organisation promotes and gives information about and for disabled people, and offers a wide range of opportunities about this sector of society. - ES