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German EU Presidency 2007

2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for All

Diversity at work

Institute for Rehabilitation Research (IRV)

Logo of the Institute for Rehabilitation Research (IRV)

Who We Are

The Institute for Rehabilitation Research (IRV) aims to improve participation and quality of life of persons with a disability, through the use of applied research and an active transfer of knowledge and information.

Participation encompasses all relevant processes and events of social life.

Quality of life signifies the individual's personal opinion about the significance and values of his or her own life.

The IRV's ultimate objective is for persons with a disability to be able to lead a life equal to any other person's life.

The IRv promotes the development of knowledge, seeking solutions to problems identified in persons with a disability, and transferring these solutions into applications in daily practice. To this end, the IRV brings together the necessary expertise from, among others, scientists, medical doctors, paramedical staff, psychologists, engineers and specialists in the field of ICT and knowledge management.

Partner's Contribution to Opti-Work

IRV will coordinate the Opti-Work project.

What We Can Do for You

Whenever you have questions about this project, feel free to contact us. We are there to give you all information you need and, if possible and within our reach, we will help you forward.