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Eworx S.A.

Logo of Eworx S.A.

Who We Are

EWORX S.A. is an Information, Communication and Technology Company located in Athens, Greece. Its personnel have in-depth experience in providing strategic, creative and technological solutions to organisations and companies in their attempt to develop and maintain a competitive advantage in the digital age.

EWORX customer base consists of public and private sector organisations including the European Commission, Greek Ministries, Industry and NGOs.

EWORX develops usable, accessible and effective information technology solutions that enable organisations and enterprises to:

The company creates insightful and incisive solutions and pursues a 'Design for All' approach in all its activities focusing on usability and accessibility, thereby ensuring that information is delivered in forms and media appropriate to all users, whatever their requirements.

EWORX believes that personalisation, content management and timely delivery of information - in any form, using any device - are the main axes along which effective e-solutions will unfold. It is committed to applying state-of-the-art technologies and exploiting best practice in all EWORX solutions and products.

EWORX belongs to the European Network of Centres of Excellence in "Design for All' and is an iForce Partner of Sun Microsystems.

Partner's Contribution to Opti-Work

EWORX is the technology partner for the Opti-Work project. EWORX's role is primarily to focus on the development of the Opti-Work Knowledge Management and Resource Centre (compliant with Web Accessibility Initiative Guidelines - WAI-AAA). This portal will act as a pan-European gateway to results, documentation and related issues emanating from Opti-Work, as well as content from other projects and initiatives in the field of employment and disability.

What We Can Do for You

EWORX offers its clients the following core services: