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The European Platform for Rehabilitation

Logo of the European Platform for Rehabilitation

Who We Are

The European Platform for Rehabilitation is a leading network of leading service providers to people with disabilities and others who are disadvantaged. These services relate mainly to vocational training and reintegration in the open labour market. The main objective is to achieve continuous professional improvement, quality and best practice in every aspect of service delivery. Through its public affairs activities, the EPR also enables service providers to contribute to the formulation of European social policy and legislation. In this respect, the EPR co-operates with other networks to give the service providers a strong and unified voice at a European level. With its membership in 13 current EU member states and in some new member states, the EPR network provides all facilities to conduct the project activities at a European-wide level. Member organisations and their experts have built up, during the past ten years, a remarkable practical experience in transnational co-operation in the field of disability, which is surely an asset in the current project that includes so many countries. Moreover, the EPR disposes of the dissemination channels to transfer the project results into sustainable products that are actually benefited from throughout Europe.

Partner's Contribution to Opti-Work

The European Platform of Rehabilitation is a project partner that has the network in a large number of European countries to deliver the necessary knowledge for the National System Profiles of the legislative, regulatory and service provision elements of the labour market system for persons with a disability. Thanks to their recognized experience and active involvement in the people with disabilities integration in the labour market, these centres have direct access to people with disabilities and to employers employing these people, as well as close relations with national stakeholders in the field of labour participation of people with disabilities. The EPR Brussels office acts as an intermediary and is responsible for the logistics and the organisation of all activities carried out by National Contact Centres, including the piloting, implementation and dissemination activities.

What We Can Do for You

To reach its objectives and according to its members' individual and common needs, the EPR offers to carry out a range of activities in three main fields:

National Contact Centres

Country Organisation Contact person
Austria BBRZ Josip Stockinger
Denmark Marselisborgcentre Jan Sau Johansen
Estonia Astangu Rehabilitation Centre Maret Priske
France Centre de Réadaptation de Mulhouse (CRM) André Lefèvre
Finland Merikoski Vocational Training Centre Marjut Huttunen
Germany SRH Learnlife AG Anton Endrich
Greece Theotokos Foundation Penny Papanikolopoulos
Italy Opera Don Calabria Stefano Schena
Ireland National Training and Development Institute / The Cedar Foundation Dorothy Gunne / Eileen Thomson
Malta Eden Foundation Godwin Scerri
Norway Association of Vocational Rehabilitation Enterprises Aage Støren Tøssebro
Portugal Centro de Reabilitação Profissional de Gaia Sérgio Fabela
Slovenia Institute for Rehabilitation Cveto Ursic
Slovakia SAVEZ - Slovak Public Health Association Iveta Rajnicova-Nagyova, MSc
The Netherlands Stichting Revalidatie Limburg / Heliomare Rehabilitation Centre Paul Kurvers / Frits Wichers
United Kingdom Momentum Lesley Kragt