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German EU Presidency 2007

2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for All

Diversity at work


This site is dedicated to three relevant target groups: the disabled, employers and job integration professionals. Rights and advice for the disabled. Useful addresses. Legislation. Internet sites. - FR

APF - Association de Paralysés de France
Practical information for the disabled on subsidies, rights, daily life. - FR

Association Régionale d'Aide aux Infirmes Moteurs Cérébraux (A.R.A.I.M.C) - FR

Fédération nationale des accidentés du travail et des handicapés (FNATH) - FR

French Government Portal
These webpages describe current French Government initiatives regarding the French disabled population. - EN, FR, ES

Handi-Assur - FR

Handicap International - FR

Ministère de l'emploi, de la cohesion sociale et du logement - FR

Union Nationale des Associations de Parents et Amis de Personnes Handicapées Mentales (UNAPEI)
Since 1960 Unapei, along with its confederate organisations, has attempted to change society's outlook towards mentally disabled people. These organisations have striven for the integration of mentally disabled people in our society so they can live with dignity mainstream society. - FR