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German EU Presidency 2007

2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for All

Diversity at work


Center for Ligebehandling af Handicappede
The The Equal Opportunities Centre for Disabled Persons collects, initiates and communicates, nationally as well as internationally, information about the situation of disabled people and the effects of particular disabilities. - DK, EN

De Samvirkende Invalideorganisationer
The principal objective of Danish Council of Organisations of Disabled People (DSI) is to take care of the common interests of the member organisations. Characteristic common tasks are negotiations with the national government on issues like pensions and social benefits, medicine, health care, technical aids, and other general questions of importance to all disability groups - such as education, labour market questions, and insurance. - DK, EN

Instituttet for Blinde og Svagsynede
The Institute for the Blind and Partially Sighted is a national institution. The purpose of the institute is, through counselling and education, to facilitate the greatest possible compensation for the effects of visual impairment. - DK, EN