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Information Portal for People with Disabilities
The Bulgarian Information Portal for People with Disabilities, a first of its kind, was launched in
March 2004. Only open source software was used to create the portal, which was designed with
a simple interface and navigation, for people who are blind and use Braille display or a speech
synthesis. A discussion forum provides a place to meet other people in a similar situation, or to
give and offer advice, and visitors have the opportunity to publish news and articles. There is a
directory of contact information for Bulgarian government and state institutions; information about
NGOs and social legislation concerning people with disabilities or accessible infrastructure; and
an overview of forthcoming events and an "Entertainment" section.

The Information Portal for People with Disabilities is an initiative of the Consulting Centre "Public
Mediator" (CCPM), which was financially supported by RSICT Agency. The site is developed and
hosted with the help of the Internet Rights Bulgaria Foundation (IRBF), as a part of their NGO
Bulgaria project. The portal is a zone aiming to provoke and establish informal discussions on
topics related to the situation of people with disabilities in Bulgaria, and provide a virtual meeting
place for cooperation and contacts. 13 - EN, FR, BG